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By joining NATOURA, members agree to be bound by the following principles, and to adhere to certain behaviors to ensure that their photography creates minimal disruption, discomfort or danger for the subject. Members that are found to not adhere to these principles may face disciplinary actions, up to and including having their membership revoked.


A. Includes use of a blind where possible to shield the photographer from wildlife.

B. Use of appropriate lenses to safely achieve close up photos without disturbing the subject.


A. Includes not disturbing the environment of an animal and not trampling certain sensitive areas.

B. Respect mandatory distances for certain protected species, e.g. whales and marine mammals.

C. Respect safe distances and guidance from rangers or guides for dangerous species.

D. Do not put any animal in a dangerous situation where its natural reactions could lead to the animal being euthanized (e.g. encouraging too close contact between wild animals and humans for the sake of a photograph, or coming between a mother and their baby, triggering a natural protective instinct).

E. Do not pose an animal with wires of fishing line or freeze an animal to achieve a photograph.

F. Have respect for sensitive breeding and feeding periods.

G. Do not use live bait and be careful with feeding wild animals to not encourage unnatural behaviour. Do not use tape lures during breeding season.

H. Understand and respect animal behavior. E.g. Do not induce a mother to abandon a baby or a nest because it has been approached too closely or touched, leaving a scent.

I. Photographers will respect the rules of National Parks, forest areas, and official laws regarding drone piloting, off trail hiking, etc.


Knowledge of the Species and their Ecosystem
A. Includes awareness of sensitive areas, rules regarding endangered species, and special precautions during mating and breeding periods.

Enrichment through Observation
A. Close Observation of the wildlife and/or natural setting will improve the knowledge of the photographer and benefit the quality of the image.

Environmental Protection
A. NATOURA Members agree that a Portion of NATOURA proceeds will be donated to Conservation Charities.

A. NATOURA members bear witness to the beauty of Nature and share it with the world.

B. NATOURA members are encouraged to share their knowledge of wildlife and nature as they promote their images.

A. Each NATOURA member may be asked to provide details on how they captured specific images.


A. Follow guidance from local naturalists, rangers, and guides for safety and to ensure that wildlife and their environment is protected.

B. The well-being of the animal and/or the preservation of the ecosystem is more important than getting the shot.


A dose of common sense, a dose of intelligence, a dose of humility, a civic attitude with respect for others and for the environment go a long way. NATOURA photographers are stewards of the future of NATURE and are eager to witness and share its wonders.