We connect photography, nature conservation, and the NFT community with venture capital and Wall Street.


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Martin Hiesboeck

Natoura’s founder Dr. Martin Hiesboeck (pronounced like “his book”) has worn many hats during his long career, united by a love of thinking about the future of humanity.

His main interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, crypto, DeFi, linguistics, climate change and sustainability.

He has have a Ph.D. in Classical Chinese, one in Economics and a Masters in Philosophy.

He is currently working as an advisor on blockchain deployment for several companies, banks, VC funds, NGOs and government entities



Natoura’s COO is Jannik,

with his long experience in community management, Jannik is the link between the community and the rest of the team.

His experience is in the field of Guerilla/Social Media Marketing, through his knowledge in various Crypto/NFT projects Jannik complements Natoura with another important position.



Abhinand Reghu

Abhinand Reghu is a self taught, passionate nature photographer from Kerala, India.

His works have been published in multiple magazines and won several awards.

Abhinand is an expertise in reverse Macro Photography and so he will help you choose your equipment and know how to use it in Reverse Macro technique to get highly detailed Close-up Macro Portraits.

He is doing macro photography currently with Nikon D3300, 18-55mm kitlens reverse mounted.

Abhinand loves to explore tiny living beings expecially insects, bugs, spiders, etc. and conserve their habitat.

Now he is focusing more on Wildlife and its conservation.


Pranay Bhatnagar

Pranay Bhatnagar is a wildlife biologist, photographer and national-level athlete based in Delhi, India. He recently got his Master’s in Zoology and is now looking to pursue his PhD.

From saving King Cobras to Otters, he has been a part of various conservation research programmes all across India since the past 5 years. He has also been actively involved in various citizen science initiatives and educating children through workshops on urban wildlife and conservation.

He has recently entered the NFT space and is looking forward to make a mark through his wildlife and nature photography, aiming at making humans collectively conscious towards conservation biology.

Tourism Professional


With a decades experience living and leading adventures in Taiwan and Asia, Ryan is a passionate adventurer, nature photographer, and naturalist.

His knowledge of Taiwan’s environment and ecology has empowered him to create a positive impact through tourism, adventure, and responsible practices. Ryan was Co-Founder of Taiwan Adventure Outings, internationally recognized for their adventures and environmental initiatives.

Co-Founder of Parkbus Taiwan and Taiwan National Clean Up Day. He has worked on various projects with the likes of Google, Roxy, Quiksilver, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and more.


Henrik Spranz

Henrik Spranz is a nature photographer living in Austria and focusing on wildlife, small world and abstract nature photography.

His work has been published in many international magazines and has won several awards including the National Geographic Germany competition.

He was also judge in several international nature photo competitions, is curator at nftphotographers.xyz and occasionally holds lectures across Europe.

His hope is that the NFT space can help supporting nature conservation much better, not only with giving a portion of every sale, but also with supporting projects like Natoura.


Perdita Petzl

Perdita Petzl is a professional nature
photographer, workshop leader, author and lecturer. Her favorite
subjects are insects, wildflowers, (urban) wildlife and abstract
nature photography.

Her photographic work has been awarded
in many international photo competitions and published in magazines in Europe and the USA. Perdita also writes articles on a regular basis for german and austrian photo magazines and occasionally is a jury member for international photo competitions.

Animal welfare is close to her heart, therefore she supports various wildlife protection and rescue organizations.


Mikko Lagerstedt

Mikko Lagerstedt is a fine art photographer from Finland.

Mikko loves to create visually and emotionally captivating photographs, and his mission is to capture emotions inherent in places. Capturing simplistic landscapes and fleeting moments, Mikko strives to use his atmospheric vision to inspire people.

Mikko has been in photography for 15 years as well as self-employed for 8 years